Original Composition: Giulia Vitali

Paintings and Video: Silvia Tuccimei

In this project I have created an original composition for Silvia’s artistic video that has been shown in her paintings exhibition “Into the Canvas”, in Florence. Images and music merge into each other and create a hanging by a thread atmosfere.

This exhibition has been curated by Francesco Cavallo (designer and director of “Cellai Boutique Hotel”, Florence) and Cristina Viti (event organiser)


“Silvia’s Feeling” by Giulia Vitali

Video by Silvia Tuccimei

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Author (music and lyrics): Marco Dianda

Arranger: Giulia Vitali

Has I said in the 2010-2012 album presentation the collaboration between me and Marco is not ended. In these years our work together has evolved and the songs that has came out show it. We had experimented  and searched for new sounds combination.

Author (music and lyrics): Marco Dianda

Arranger: Giulia Vitali

The story of me and Marco is very particular. One day I listen a song on Youtube and i decide to do a cover of it. Once finished it i think “well, if someone would do a cover of one of my song I would like to ear it and say something about it” so i sand it to the author. The guy is very enthusiastic and we start chatting. It turns out that we live in the same city. “That’s strange” we think. After few days i was sitting in a bar and looking at the street i recognized someone. It was Marco! We hugged each other and it was the first time we see each other in flesh and bone.

The cover song title was “Mai Nessuno Come Me” and that has been our first work together. We didn’t yet stop to do music together since than.

This album is a collection of my original piano works. The funny thing is that i didn’t think that i was making an album. I just used to sit at my piano and play. I started it when i was 11 and i finished it at 20. It took me almost 10 years to, i would say, condense and smooth all those years experiences in my music.


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